Ready to Grow? You are in the Right Place!

Who Relies on Small Steps Grow Profits?

When we created it, we had five specific people in mind:

You are Here Because You Want to...

1. Survive

Whether you’re in crisis or start-up mode, you need to generate sales and conserve cash so you can extend your runway and maintain your business longer.

2. Scale

You’re an established business looking to compress time and accelerate growth exponentially so you can scale your business and have major impact.

3. Grow

You’re comfortable, but growth has been stagnant. You want to jumpstart growth so you can improve your lifestyle as you plan for a strategic exit from the business.

I Need to Survive

Help Save Your Business
Small Steps is for you if you are trying to survive a crisis or launch a new start-up. Your abillity to pivot quickly and take small actions with few resources will give you the competitive edge that helps you survive longer and grow market share.

Small Steps Helps You When:

  • A Crisis Threatens Your Business
  • New Competitors Steal Your Market Share
  • Economic Recession Occurs
  • Industry Shifts Hurt Sales
  • You Launch a Start-Up

I'm Ready to Scale

Ramp Up Revenue and Profits Quickly
Small Steps is for you if you want to expand into new products, services or markets so you can scale quickly. Grow your revenue and profits exponentially so you can better position your business for a higher valuation as you plan an exit strategy.

Small Steps Helps You When:

  • You Enter the Fast Growth Business Stage
  • Innovation Creates a Competitive Advantage
  • You Expand Your Team
  • Industry Shifts Create Opportunities
  • Competitors Close Freeing Market Share

I Want to Grow

Move Things in the Right Direction
Small Steps is for you if you know your product or service is great, but sales have been stagnant and you’re tired of inferior competitors being chosen over you. You want to grow without adding to your workload so you can live comfortably.

Small Steps Helps You When:

  • Business Growth Is Slow or Stagnant
  • Competitors Outshine You
  • You Want More Control and Time Flexibility
  • Cash Flow Becomes a Problem
  • Existing Marketing Stops Getting Results

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